Battery Storage Rack, 48″ x 36″ x 75″ high, 4 Slide Shelf Levels Add-On (0490A)


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  • Size: 48″ wide x 36″ deep x 75″ high
  • Tie bars and guides: Slick black polyester paint helps the batteries to slide smoothly. The paint is also resistant to sulfuric acid
  • Stopper plate: Makes it easier to grip batteries by removing pressure on the first battery and creating more room for fingers
  • Assembly: Lower slope improves ergonomics and takes up less vertical space
  • Loaded from Rear for First In – First Out Picking
  • Medium Duty 750# per Shelf Capacity
  • Fully Adjustable Shelf Levels


  • Welded Side Upright Assemblies
  • Bolted Side Assemblies available upon request
  • Ships K/D to save on freight
  • On site assembly required

Additional information

Weight 255 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 48 × 75 in


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