Rousseau Modular Workbenches are available with hundreds of options to create efficient customized work centers for a variety of manufacturing & electronics operations including: assembly, packaging, labeling, testing, and repair. Our work benches are available with many top options including: Laminated Hardwood, Chemical Resistant Laminates, Stainless Steel, and Static Dissipative tops. Sizes range from 24″ to 48″ deep and we can supply single tops from 36″ to 144″ wide or join multiple tops for continuous long benches.

Work benches can be fixed height, adjustable height with manual or electronic height adjustment, or made mobile with total lock brake casters.

Accessories are available for below and above the worksurface and include our patented multi-purpose upright system that accepts all of our many featured products, most of which can be adjusted on the uprights without the use of tools, just clip in place and secure. We offer workbench risers, storage cabinets and shelves, peg and louvered panels for hooks and bins, computer and keyboard mounts, and LED lighting options.