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Saving Space – One Drawer at a Time: The Best Ideas for Small Parts Storage


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Our videos demonstrate many ways that you can save space, increase efficiency and improve accuracy in order picking and inventory counts.


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Rousseau Cabinet System

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There are a lot of options for tool boxes and small parts storage in the market today. However there is only one 'best in class' product and that is the Rousseau Cabinet. Rousseau Cabinets are manufactured in North America and have been tested to be the longest lasting drawer cabinet available. Other manufacturers are now using plastic roller wheels to reduce cost, but Rousseau Cabinets are still manufactured using hard steel wheels with ball bearings for easier drawer movement when fully loaded.

Rousseau has been manufacturing products since 1950 and have the most modular and flexible system for their drawers. Their patented design allows their Rousseau drawers to be installed in cabinets or in standard shelving. The same drawer fits both applications. This allows the user to combine cabinets and shelving in the same layout and still have the ability to use the same Rousseau drawer cabinet parts in either system.

The Rousseau cabinet system is available in 15 different footprint sizes from 18" to 60" wide and 18" to 27" deep. They offer all these footprints in 6 different heights from 28" desk height up to 58" eye-level cabinets. Inside the Rousseau cabinet, you can install 10 different drawer heights, from 3" to 14", and 2 types of roll-out shelves. The options for compartments inside the drawers are even more complete with hundreds of combinations of adjustable partitions and dividers, removable plastic bin cups, groove trays, foam inserts for tools, or hanging file bars for the deeper drawers.

Rousseau cabinets are designed with the most up to date sustainable development initiatives in mind, for both the product content and manufacturing processes. Rousseau cabinets are can help customers with their LEED certification by meeting several of the LEED criteria including: Waste Diversion from landfill, Resource Reuse, Recycled Content, and Indoor Environmental Quality.

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