Mini-Racking provides wider shelves and greater depth than traditional shelving for storage of larger and bulky items. Mini-rack units are offered in widths from 36″ to 96″ wide and depths from 12″ to 48″ deep. Heights can range from 75″ to 123″ high. Capacities for Mini-Racking range from 650# to 1,200# per shelf level with a maximum of 3,900# per unit.

The deck surface for mini-racking can be steel shelf decks, wire rack decking, or wood decks.

Rousseau Mini-Racking is compatible with our Spider Shelving System and can be integrated in the same row with our Shelving or Drawers in Shelving units.

Custom Accessories are available for specialty storage including: Hanging Racks for Pipes, Mufflers and Matting, Windshield Racks, Battery Racks, and Cantilever Arm Racks for Bumper Covers. We have accessories to make some units mobile, and to add partitions and dividers to the storage areas.

Mini-Racking is available in any of our 20 standard colors at no additional charge.